Central Garden & Pet (Farnam)


    Protect your horse against flies and other biting insects that pose a major health risk. Flies carry a number of dangerous diseases that become more of a problem as fly populations increase. With Farnam’s well-rounded selection of fly control products, you can protect your horse on multiple fronts using fly sprays, wipe-ons, ointments, lotions, roll-ons, fly masks, spot-ons and feed-thru fly control products. The best fly control defense attacks flies on all fronts: on your horse, in the barn and around outdoor areas. With Farnam® products in your arsenal, the time you spend with your horse will not be disturbed by flies.

    This Primary Supplier has been personally interviewed by NASC to ensure they understand membership requirements, as well as the quality standards they must uphold. They have also passed a rigorous independent audit of their facilities, earning them permission to display the Quality Seal, which demonstrates to consumers their commitment to the highest standards of quality in the industry.

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