Bella was referred by a local practitioner for uncontrollable weight loss following treatment for endoscopically-diagnosed eosinophilic gastritis and small intestinal bacterial overgrowth (SIBO). She had been treated with prednisone, vitamin E and folate for vomiting and some diarrhea. Bella’s weight continued to drop; she went from a BCS of 5/9 to 2/9.


BAR, appetent young dog; lack of hair re-growth from IV six months ago.


Food allergy serology; complete thyroid panel to test for autoimmune thyroiditis (FT4 was borderline low, T4 was fr ankly low, thyroglobulin autoantibodies were WNL); BCS 2/9 Assessment: Borderline hypothyroid? Maldigestion/malabsorption? Hyperpermeable bowel affecting digestive function and absorption of nutrients? Inadequate nutrient intake?


Formulate home-prepared diet from hypoallergenic ingredients based on food allergy serology; supplement with l-thyroxine 0.4 mg BID; initiate the 4R program as follows:

Remove pathogens, antigens, toxins – hypoallergenic diet, fecal studies to eliminate pathogens (none present), stop cur rent pharmaceuticals.

Repair bowel mucosa – RxZyme with glutamine and lecithin, RxBiotic 8 B CFU/day, RxClay (reduces bowel inflammation and increases glycocalyx bowel barrier layer), UltraEFA with EPA/ DHA/phosphatidylcholine to reduce inflammation and provide structural components for the bowel wall repair.

Replace digestive factor s – RxZyme digestive enzymes.

Reinoculate with bowel microflora – RxBiotic 8 B CFU/day.


Within three months, Bella had a BCS of 5/9. had regained a healthy weight and