Bronko, an award-winning German shepherd police dog, presented in late 2011 with a several-month history of loose stools and crashing when turning at a run. He was knuckling and had a delayed righting response in the hind feet.

His radiographs were normal and no improvement was noted with chiropractic adjustments. A presumptive diagnosis of DM was made.

The attending veterinarian consulted Dr. Marsden and implemented acupuncture and Chinese herbal medicine treatments (Bupleurum/Curcumincontaining blends). The goal was to reach the year’s end and an early forced retirement.

At the end of the year, Bronko was stable. After a few months of therapy, he was no longer falling and his proprioception was normal. He returned to active duty collaring criminals in early 2012, and in September of that year was still on the job. He was happy, active, with a normal gait and able to jump tough obstacles.  Bronko was on schedule for his normal retirement date in November of 2012.


Dancer, a 12-year-old F/S Lab mix, presented in September 2014 for lethargy, hind leg weakness, tripping up curbs and exercise fatigue. Her radiographs showed mild arthritis in L5-L6; blood work identified over-supplementation with thyroid medication.

Carprofen and Cosequin therapy were initiated for arthritis and her Levothyroxine dose was decreased. Dancer showed no improvement.

In December, Dr. Tom saw Dancer and initiated essential oil therapy, Myelin Sheath and Nerve Tonic (Western herbs), Omega-3 FA, homeopathy, chiropractic, and a raw diet. Physiotherapy includes regular walks and neuro reflex postural stimulation exercises at home.

Over the next seven months, Dancer had a waxing and waning course, then in August of 2015, her symptoms decreased dramatically. She now has normal energy, is back to full walks with her owners, and has only mild ataxia in her hind limbs.