Archie, a six-year-old neutered wire-haired fox terrier, had been aggressive and anxious since puppyhood. He had gastrointestinal issues and puritis, and would attack his sister, pinning her down and dominating her.

Archie was diagnosed with an immune endocrine imbalance via an endocrine blood immune panel. He had low IgA, IgM and IgG, as well as low thyroid and elevated estrogen. He lived on a restricted diet containing a lot of tripe.

After ozone therapy and a fecal transplant, Archie’s personality changed within 30 hours. He began licking and grooming his sister, and his anxiety was gone. His amiable personality and ability to eat anything resulted in very grateful clients. Two-and-a-half weeks post microbiome treatment, he was dosed with Interceptor Milbemycin oxime – 30 hours later, he attacked and almost killed his sister. Interceptor is an intestinal antibiotic that kills many organisms in the gut. In Archie’s case, a reduction in aggression was directly associated with the microbiome. Another MBRT brought him back to more amiable balanced health.

Archie needed fecal transplants every three weeks until he received one from Lilly, a pregnant donor, which lasted five months. Having all the growth hormones and tissue-building activity really made a difference on his gut.