Business charts for a well-managed practice

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In order to create a more holistic system of managing your practice, it’s important to identify and break down all jobs into separate departments, represented by pages or poster boards similar to the following business charts.  

Maro practice chart-1 Maro practice chart-2 Maro practice chart-3

Take time to list each job; this is needed to create a fully-functioning department. In small practices with five or fewer employees, you may have as many as 40 individual jobs in each department with names repeated many times. Consider creating electronic business charts, so you can keep modifying as your business grows and adds staff. Ask your practice manager and staff members to list every job they do.

Most practitioners who use organizational business charts will end up adding staff after they realize how many duties a few team members are being burdened with. Often, this recognition leads to fee analysis and adjustments, so the practice can budget for additional team members.

For more information on business charts and how to create a holistically-managed practice, see volume 7, issue 2 of IVC Journal.