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An integrative approach to Equine Herpes Myeloencephalopathy (EHM)

A look at what is currently known about EHM – a neurologic manifestation of the EHV-1 virus – along with integrative therapies for its prevention and treatment.Integrative therapies aren’t often considered for the treatment of infectious disease. However, many integrative modalities can integrate smoothly and beneficially into established treatment protocols. In the face of a […]

integrative approach to laminitis in horses

Taking an integrative perspective with laminitis

Understanding how an integrative approach can be used to diagnose and successfully treat laminitis.Laminitis is a frustrating disease commonly encountered by equine practitioners. In a 2000 USDA-NAHMS study, laminitis was noted on 13% of horse operations.  Fortunately, integrative methods such as acupuncture and related techniques can help treat this difficult disease.Laminitis explainedLaminitis is defined by […]


Homeopathic treatment of Primary or Idiopathic Seizures

Primary or idiopathic seizures are commonly lumped under the diagnosis of “epilepsy”. Secondary seizures linked to various other pathologies are entirely different, and require different approaches based on treatment of the primary condition. The conventional approach of anti-convulsant drugs may provide a quick solution in that fits are controlled (and clients are happy). However, such […]


How to Create a Holistically-Managed Practice

Like many veterinarians, I derive energy from learning, healing and integrating multiple modalities into my practice. It is significantly more challenging to find the energy for managing office problems. Daily pressures and interruptions related to the business aspects of our profession can negatively impact work-life balance, detracting from the joys of client interactions and patient […]



A novel and integrative nutritional approach to neurologic disorders and autoimmunityLast year, funding for four grants was approved by the AKC Canine Health Foundation as part of an Epilepsy Research Initiative. This initiative is designed “to provide the veterinary community and dog owners with improved methods for preventing and treating epilepsy in dogs”.1 One of […]


Ingredient sourcing for optimal nutrition in dogs and cats

Why fresh organic food is the healthiest choice for your patientsMany holistic or alternative veterinarians still express some angst regarding their recommendations on the type of food clients should feed their pets. Confusion about what constitutes the appropriate diet for dogs and cats comes from an interesting convergence of food production and labeling politics; marketing […]


Integrative Treatment of Spinal Dysfunction

How acupuncture, homeopathy and other therapies can help in the treatment of intervertebral disc disease (IVDD) and spondylosis in pets.I have seen it time and again: a client brings in a sweet beloved pet that cannot use his hind legs. Depending on which segment of the spinal cord is affected, the animal may also be […]


Integrative Tools for Treating Neurologic and Other Disease Conditions

Neurological ailments can result from various disturbances in the body that ultimately affect different parts of the neurological system. Irritation from a physical, chemical or biological event can result in chemical reactions with inflammatory, infectious or degenerative consequences. Examples include seizures, cerebral vascular accident, encephalomyelitis, intervertebral disc disease (IVDD), degenerative myelopathy, diabetic neuropathy, amputations and […]


Business charts for a well-managed practice

In order to create a more holistic system of managing your practice, it’s important to identify and break down all jobs into separate departments, represented by pages or poster boards similar to the following business charts.   Take time to list each job; this is needed to create a fully-functioning department. In small practices with […]



Protomorphology is a novel integrative nutritional approach to neurologic disorders and autoimmunity in cats and dogs that uses tissue-specific protein extract. The following cases demonstrate how the approach can be used to support nervous system health.GabbeGabbe was a 3 year old F/S Golden Retriever who was referred for a nutritional supplement consult on February 14, […]