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essential oils for skin

Integrating essential oils for skin care

Most abnormal skin conditions include some amount of inflammation or infection. As allopathic veterinarians, we were trained to utilize anti-inflammatory drugs such as prednisone, immunosuppressives such as cyclosporine, antibiotics such as cephalosporins, or parasiticides such as ivermectin to manage these conditions. We have watched our cases become more difficult to manage due to medication side […]


The practice of mindfulness in veterinary medicine

Mindfulness is not only a gift to ourselves. It’s a way of being that can have far-reaching, positive effects for our patients and clients.  Mindfulness is a practice that truly “pays itself forward”; it has been shown to not only decrease professional burnout and compassion fatigue, and raise distress tolerance, but it actually improve patient […]

seaweeds for animal health

Seaweeds for animal health

Seaweeds and kelps are proving to be powerful tools for skin, hoof and coat health, digestive improvements, and more. Seaweeds have been an important component of mammalian diets throughout evolutionary history. They provided the one sure way for humans to avoid the goiter and cretinism caused by iodine deficiency – and they have proven useful […]

chiropractic in cats

Case studies: chiropractic problems and treatments in cats

For those not familiar with the notations used for recording chiropractic findings and treatments, here are a few hints. It all started with human anatomical terminology and is now a blend of human and animal terminology since we veterinarians have been taught chiropractic by human chiropractors. The notations indicate the location and direction of correction […]


Chiropractic problems and treatments in domestic cats

Chiropractic problems are often found as the underlying reason feline patients are presented. If more veterinarians were trained to recognize this component of cat health in physical exams, and to realize the wide variety of conditions chiropractic can help, we would be able to assist in many cases.  Very few studies relate to chiropractic issues […]


Nutritional approaches to dermatology cases

Basic nutritional guidelines for improving the overall health of patients and lessening the chance of illness – including dermatology cases. Transitioning an animal with skin problems to a fresh food diet can sometimes bring about a rapid improvement in itchiness. More commonly, however, the inflammation reduces slowly and gradually, which over time lessens the need […]

otitis media in dogs

Western botanicals for treating otitis media in animals

Unlike conventional drugs, herbs and other botanicals make resistance nearly impossible for even the nastiest pathogens, and are effective weapons against the bacteria and fungi associated with otitis media in dogs, cats and horses. Otitis refers to dermal or epidermal inflammation of the ear. Otitis externa or media are not diseases in themselves, but are […]


An integrative approach to Equine Herpes Myeloencephalopathy (EHM)

A look at what is currently known about EHM – a neurologic manifestation of the EHV-1 virus – along with integrative therapies for its prevention and treatment. Integrative therapies aren’t often considered for the treatment of infectious disease. However, many integrative modalities can integrate smoothly and beneficially into established treatment protocols. In the face of […]

integrative approach to laminitis in horses

Taking an integrative perspective with laminitis

Understanding how an integrative approach can be used to diagnose and successfully treat laminitis. Laminitis is a frustrating disease commonly encountered by equine practitioners. In a 2000 USDA-NAHMS study, laminitis was noted on 13% of horse operations.  Fortunately, integrative methods such as acupuncture and related techniques can help treat this difficult disease. Laminitis explained Laminitis […]


Homeopathic treatment of Primary or Idiopathic Seizures

Primary or idiopathic seizures are commonly lumped under the diagnosis of “epilepsy”. Secondary seizures linked to various other pathologies are entirely different, and require different approaches based on treatment of the primary condition. The conventional approach of anti-convulsant drugs may provide a quick solution in that fits are controlled (and clients are happy). However, such […]